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Afghanistan Not join CPEC If India connectivity blocked: Ghani

Afghanistan will refuse to join CPEC if Islamabad block connectivity between Afghanistan and India, said president Ghani while speaking at the Vivekananda international foundation think tank in New Delhi.
According to Livemint, president Ghani talked tough about the issue of connectivity—refusing to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that would provide Pakistan access to Central Asia if Islamabad refused to permit connectivity between India and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, he once again called on Pakistan to end its support for terrorist groups, pointing out that Islamabad was at a juncture where it had to make a choice between abandoning state sponsorship of terrorism and facing the consequences of its choice.
On the other hand, speaking at the Vivekananda, president Ghani said Afghanistan was fully capable of concluding a peace process on its own with forces opposed to it.
“Our approach to internal peace is to own it through Afghan government-led processes,” Ghani said. “We would like a push factor from Pakistan vis-a-vis the Taliban, not a Pakistan-managed peace process,” he said.

“Sanctuaries are provided, logistics are provided, training is provided, and ideological bases are provided. So instead of dramatizing, what we are saying is that Pakistan has come to a juncture and it needs to make a choice,” on which would depend the response of the international community.

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