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Afghanistan; Territory of Violence against Women

On the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, the European Union vowed in Kabul that life for women is very difficult in Afghanistan, and there is no reduction in violence against them.

Over the past 10 months in 1396 (solar year), the independent human right commission registered 3778 cases of violence against women across the country.
According to the independent human rights commission, 1351 cases of physical violence, 1093 cases of linguistic and psychological violence, and 589 cases of economic violence have been recorded in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, there were 231 cases of murder, 120 cases of honor killings, 38 cases of rape and 1003 beaten cases.
The European Union mission in Afghanistan described 2017 as a difficult year for women.
The head of the European Union mission Pierre Mayoudon said, the new figure shows that women are still being seriously threatened in Afghanistan, and the government must put an immediate end to violence.

On the other hand, the second vice president Sarwar Danish asked the House of Representatives to clarify the law on prohibition of violence against women as introducing the 12 candidates for the cabinet. Nevertheless, the head of the House of Representatives Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi also noted that the law on the prohibition of violence against women was approved by the parliament and expected the president to be signed.

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