Afghanistan’s water development to benefit people and region: president Ghani

Fourth national water conference started with the speech of president Ghani, today (Sunday, March 5th) in ARG presidency.
According to (DID) news agency report, president Ghani besides describing the importance of water in the human lives, said: developing Afghanistan’s water is for the benefit of our people and the region.
He underlined that “culture and law” is important in relation to use of water resources.

He stressed on fair division of water resources and said, the government and nation must reach a fundamental result about division of water.
He also said that water has a key role in agriculture, especially for the country that 80 percent of its people’s lives depend on agriculture and field management of water in these areas can change us from ‘importer country of agricultural goods to exporter of them’.

Mr. Ghani with a mention to the role of water in developing Afghanistan, asserted that we expect our neighbors not to be worried about creating dams and networks using water resources, but to support that; because proper use of water is possible on the condition that the water resources be “predictable”.
“Something must be done to re-define the value of water and not only the waste and unnecessary consumption should be prevented, but also the culture of better use from that should be generalized the way that be evident in daily life of each person.” He added.

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