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ARG Comments about Sadat Ethnic Group amid Protests

The initial response of Afghanistan presidential palace (ARG) against the protests of Sadat ethnic group in central Bamyan province, suggests that government does not agree with Rola Ghani’s remarks about the Sadat ethnic group.

On Friday, a number of Sadat ethnic group demonstrated against the president’s wife rhetoric about Sadat ethnicity in central Bamyan province. The demonstrators were chanting “death with Rola Ghani”.
The wife of the president has recently said in an interview about Sadat ethnicity that “Sadat, I think is a thing, is a class among several ethnic groups. it is not an ethnicity”.

meanwhile, the demonstrators wanted from the president’s wife to apologize for her irresponsible statements against Sadat’s identity.

Sayed Jawad Hossaini, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said: “some of the leaders do not want to insert Sadat ethnicity in new electronic ID cards, seeking division among the people of Afghanistan.”
“We will not stop protest until we are honored,” he said.
Another protester said: “from every corner of the country, Sadat voiced their demand to insert Sadat ethnicity in new ID cards, but the government has not paid much attention.”

In response to the demonstration, Shah Hussain Mortazavi, the deputy spokesman for the presidential palace said: “before chanting death or long life, we expect to patiently express your demand and citizenship rights through legal channels.”
“The view expressed by the wife of the president is not the view of the president and the government. There are specific and competent authorities that decide on issues such as inserting the name of ethnicities,” Mr Mortazavi added.

This is the first time that ARG react against the protests if Sadat ethnicity, but gave no answer regarding that whether Sadat ethnicity will be inserted on ID cards or not.

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