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We are Only Atomic power of Islamic World/US pressures Not Important – says Pakistan

The Pakistani foreign minister Khawja M. Asif vowed the US pressure on Islamabad has never been important like the past.

According to Geo TV, Pakistani foreign minister who had participated the world “Economic Forum” in Switzerland, said: “America pressured Islamabad in 1998 to prevent us having nuclear weapons, but we have continued our work and now we are the only atomic power of Islamic world.”

“We neither consult with the US when making atomic bomb nor we will ask White-house leaders when developing our technology,” the Pakistani foreign minister said.
“America’s pressures and accusations against Pakistan are not important and we will pursue our policy in accordance with our national interests,” Asif stressed, “the Indian PM use every opportunity to speak against Pakistan, but he must not forget that we will also take every opportunity to answer him.”

Tensions between Pakistan and America reached its peak when the White-house leaders strongly criticized Pakistan for harboring terrorist networks.
Pakistani authorities vowed the US plans to blame Islamabad for its failure in Afghanistan but their pressures not matter to that country.

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