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Karzai to Imran Khan:

Avoid Speaking on behalf of Afghanistan/ Threat of ISIS Directed from Pakistan

Reacting against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on Afghanistan, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan has been facing ISIS’s threat from Pakistan.

In response to Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s remarks at the Extraordinary Session of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, former president Hamid Karzai in a statement posted on his Facebook page called the remarks an attempt to sow discord among Afghans, and an insult to the Afghan people.

On Sunday, Imran Khan at the (OIC) meeting on Afghanistan said ISIS threatens Pakistan from Afghanistan, adding that stability in Afghanistan is necessary. “We have had attacks from (the) Afghan border, from ISIL, into Pakistan,” he said.
“Allegation that ISIS is active in Afghanistan, threatening Pakistan from Afghanistan is clear propaganda as the reality has been the opposite. The threat of ISIS has been directed from Pakistan against Afghanistan from the very onset,” said Karzai.

“Even before 15th of August, half the population below the poverty line, years of corrupt governance, 75 percent of the budget supported by foreign aid. Now a country in that situation, after 15th of August, if the foreign aid dries up, the foreign funds get frozen, banking system freezes, any country is going to collapse, let alone Afghanistan which suffered for the past 40 years,” Khan said.
The former president, meanwhile, called on the Pakistani government to strictly refrain from propagating against Afghanistan and interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.
“Pakistan should avoid speaking on behalf of Afghanistan in international forums. It should work towards creating positive and civilized relations between the two countries,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the OIC meeting did not give the new Taliban rule any formal international recognition and Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi was excluded from the official photograph taken during the event.

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