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Ayatollah Sajedi called for national mobilization against ISIS, Taliban

Ayatollah S. Hussain Sajedi, a prominent cleric of the country, called for public mobilization for self-defense, beside army forces and national police to destroy Daesh and Taliban terrorists.
In the wake of recent insecurity and the massacre of innocent people in different part of the country, Ayatollah Sajedi calls for “national mobilization” against ISIS and Taliban groups.
“The terrible news of the human tragedy in Sar-e Pul’s Mirza Olang village, a short time after the painful disaster in Herat’s Jawadiya mosque has caused a huge shock to public opinion. The depth of the catastrophes is so much that makes the wakened consciences furious,” according to Mr Sajedi remarks.
“Indeed, how long will there be a series of ongoing crimes in different parts of the country and the rise of the human casualties?” He asked. “Why are these crimes more target Shia in Afghanistan? He added.
“While all of our oppressed people are under the blade of masked men, but often mosques and gatherings of influential figures and Shi’ite areas are targeted? The prominent religious scholar said.
“Is not this the news of the forced displacement of our people from their land? Is not this the series of serial killings a genocidal massacre of Abdul Rahman Khan?” Ayatollah Sajedi underlined.
Pointing to the Kabul-Washington security agreement and the presence of 9 U.S military bases in Afghanistan, he said: “Are Americans just responsible for protecting ARG and the presidential staff? There is not any sensible solution to defend the lives and property of the people?”
“We are in a “special situation” and therefore, special equipment and capabilities should be created to defend the people,” Mr Sajedi said.
At the end, he expressed that security officials have failed to secure citizens, then added: “I want from the wise people of the country to keep their national coherence and different sects and tribes should give hand to hand, in order to pass our country and nation from this painful stage.”

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