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Back to Wars of Seventies?

Islamic party offered the list of its three thousand five hundred militants to the government, so that to be injected in the body of country’s military-security system and on the other hand, Hezb-e Islami spokesperson vowed that they will not give their weapons to the government.
These measures of Islamic party means an emphasis on the military-security formula which will lead to the formation of a separate division for parties and different groups and thus the formation of a situation similar to the seventies and the rise of civil war in Kabul.

Commitment to the constitution and values enshrined in it, is a common political bond that joins all groups and citizens to the law and poses the legality as a common principle in strengthening the current political structure. The constitution highlights banning the formation of armed groups distinct from the government and invented the one national army. If every group insist on military and equipment independence besides being present in the security structure of the government, a political-military process will be formed that the result will be a rollback to the status of the seventies and making political-military front and devastating wars.
Legality requires that all citizens, groups and social strata adjust their interests and demands within the frame of law and no one is above the law and the power is controlled by law, not uncontrolled political-military powers make the law and provide its regulation. In developed countries of the world, power is controlled by law, but unfortunately in Afghanistan law is at the service of the power and crude and illegitimate powers make the rules and regulations of law, limitation, authorities, and nature of true and legal people.

The law is made to provide the interests of the powerful individual, executive, and administrative institutions and this means that the evolution of state-building and nation-building has had a negative process after Bonn conference in Afghanistan. It not only had an improvement but also those political-military faults and ethnic identities have been recognized and institutionalized.

Now, not only hopes for the formation of the national government and beginning development process have gone down, but also the possibility of forming conditions, similar to the seventies and additional warfare within the frame of strategic projects of world powers has intensified.

Dr. Adalatkhah – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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