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Balkh civil activists Protest over deadly attack on Shaheen corps

A group of civil rights activists protested near 209th Shaheen corps and urged setting aside internal differences, and prosecuting perpetrators of April 21st (Sawr 1st) incident.
According to (DID) news agency report, this time dozens of Balkh civil rights activists rallied in “Dehdadi” district near the headquarter of 209th Shaheen corps, the protesters asked from senior leaders of the national unity government to put aside their differences and execute the perpetrators of the bloody events in Shaheen corps.

“There is no justification for slaughtering soldiers during Friday prayers, except it shows the atrocities and cruelty of the enemies,” Nelofar Sayyar, a civil activist said.
Palwasha Achakzai, a civil-political activist believes that the enemies of the system should be searched within the government; because, during this time, senior officials have been busy with internal dealings and the enemies have hit the people and the government from inside.
“Providing security and the fight against poverty were the two important responsibilities that the government has failed in both cases,” she added.
She urged the officials of the national unity government to end the power struggle among themselves and think a little bit about the people and the future of the country.
Abdul Hamid Safwat, a university professor and head of Balkh civil society also believes that the security has been most affected by the misuse of government military vehicles.
He called the authorities to prevent the misuse of these vehicles.

At the end, a resolution was offered which it asked the leaders of the government to:
1. Put aside differences and be responsible for the bloody incidents.
2. Introduce perpetrators of the April 21st event in Mazar-e-Sharif, away from political affiliation.
3. Execute the recent event’s culprits
4. Rethink about the distribution of weapons to the authorities and traders.
5. Using photos of the figures in vehicles must be banned.
6. Key officials of the districts must be present at their duties.
7. Serious assistance should be conducted to the families of the dead and injured people.
8. The government must provide the facts for the media and the people.

“The resolution will be sent to the president and await for the president’s response until the end of the current week,” members of the civil society organization said.
At the end of the program, one of the rivers of Balkh was colored red as a protest to the government’s negligence.

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