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Bamyan citizens march due to lack of work

Dozens of Bamyan residents urged the government to provide work and job opportunities during a congregation in the province.
According to (DID) news agency report, on the occasion of international Labor Day, dozens of Bamyan citizens including the students and a large number of workers celebrated this day, during a congregation, chanting “we want work,” “we want job opportunities,” “we want social justice,” and.

“I have been graduated from Herat university five years ago, but have not been able to find a job yet,” Muhammad Ali, a protester said.
“Creating job opportunities have an effective role in bringing peace and it will help providing the security too,” he added.
“I go to the street with a spade every day, but return home empty handed at night and sometimes I earn only 200 Afghanis in a week,” Hussain Dad, another protester said.
“Grocery’s high price is another problem we deal with. It is difficult to meet the basic needs of everyday life, considering the monthly income which is not more than 3000 Afghanis,” he added.
The workers asked the local and governmental centers to create job opportunities for the unemployment.

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