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Bamyan women Showcase their Handicrafts

To commemorate international women’s day, a number of artisans from Bamyan province showcased their handicrafts.
According to (DID) news agency report, the exhibition was held in collaboration with the national program for rural enterprise development of Bamyan in Kabul province for two days.
“As long as women do not contribute in economic and social fields, progress in the society is impossible,” Muhammad Asif Muballigh, deputy governor at the opening of the exhibition said.

President of national plan for rural enterprise development of Bamyan, Muhammad Alam Behzad expressed hope about the active participation of the residents of the districts of the province and said: due to the efforts of the manufacturers in the coming year, Bamyan will be the first in terms of crafts in the country.
“The exhibition has been held to support women and their economic self-sufficiency.” Mr. Behzad added.
However, some of the artisans are asking the government cooperation in providing the necessary equipment, to increase and strengthen their local handicrafts.
Last week, a number of the manufacturers exhibited their crafts with presence of local authorities of the province and some foreign tourists.

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