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Ban on Women’s Work and Education Depresses Book Sales

DID Press: Afghan publishers and booksellers say in an exhibition held on the occasion of Book Week that the closure of schools and universities has caused a severe drop in sales of books.

On the occasion of Book Week, many publishers in Kabul and the related government institutions held a three-day exhibition, displaying books and cultural products.
On behalf of the publishers and booksellers in Kabul, Sayed Abdullah said, “In the current situation, the government should cooperate with the publishers and bookstores regarding tax payment as selling books is sluggish.”
In this exhibition, over 150 publishers and booksellers have displayed thousands of different books.
“In the last two years, sales of books have been stagnant. We can’t even pay taxes and the rent of the shop,” said Mohammad Rasool Ahmadi, a book seller. “The government has collected and held books they consider against Sharia, banning their sales,” Ahmadi added.
Abdul Latif Qasemi, another book seller, says that one of the reasons behind the decline is the closure of schools.
“In the past, when the schools and universities were open, pupils and students were mostly buying books, but after the closure of schools and universities, selling books has almost hit a full stop.”
The book fair was held in Kabul while over 600 days have passed since schools were closed to girls.

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