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Beheading Child for Being Shia in “Land of Revelation”

There is no doubt that such actions are contrary to the morality of Muslim Brotherhood and an obstacle against.

Some media outlets on Saturday reported that a child was beheaded before his mother’s eyes for having Shiite sect in the Saudi city of Medina.
The question is why in a country where it is the “land of revelation” and called the center of the world of Islam and its rulers are the “servants of the holy shrines”; a Muslim person is being so blatantly beheaded for the sake of having a different sect from that governing it.
Even if we do not consider the sect, killing a pure child cannot be justified by no law and order in the world. Of course, such terrible practices in Saudi Arabia are not unprecedented and all those who are thinking against al-Saud’s family will be targeted.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in Al-Saud’s political jails due to having political, religious, and human rights issues while Jamal Khashoggi’s case, who was mercilessly slaughtered in Saudi consulate in Istanbul and the blatant execution of Sheikh Nimr, a prominent Shiite cleric in Saudi Arabia are still in minds.

Why Al-Saud’s family that has an upper hand in accompaniment with the westerns and even Israel, treats Muslims in such a way. Why Saudi Arabia does not speak against Israel that slaughters dozens of Palestinians every day, why it is silent about the killing of Muslims in Myanmar, why it does not speak against the crimes of the Western military in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan, and why it only targets Shia community.

Beside this, in order to gain the heart of “blue eye friends”; concerts in the absolute contradiction with what the Holy Quran has conveyed as the eternal constitution of Muslims and even humanity will be held in this country. An example is the Mariah Carey concerts in a vulgar status which is completely against the Islamic spirit and beliefs of more than 1 and a half billion Muslims.

Is it suitable for the land of revelation, where such oppressions take place against the followers and the prophet’s Ummah? There is no doubt that such actions are contrary to the morality of Muslim Brotherhood and an obstacle against the Shiite and Sunni unification of the two arms of the Islamic world.


Zaher Shokoohmand

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