Biggest problem women faced with is violence

The biggest problem women faced with, is the phenomenon of violence, U.N women executive director, Mlambo Ngcuka says.
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, U.N women executive director says, despite dozens of year efforts to bring equality between men and women, no country can call itself a country where rights of women and men are completely equal.

“Deference between salaries of men and women in the world is 24 percent, and called it the biggest “thieves of women pocket,” She added.
Next week, during the meeting of U.N commission, Women’s division of the United Nations plans to begin a coalition to deal with the deference between the salaries of men and women in the world, quoted from (Radio Azadi).
About 120 million girls are faced with rape or other sexual acts across the world, which means one woman from every ten women.
But Ms. Mlambo Nbcuka says that the biggest problem women encounter with is the phenomenon of violence.

From every three woman in the world, two of them have faced with physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, and half victims of violence are women who have been killed by their husband or a family member.
“Even in countries with the greatest equality between men and women such as Iceland, violence against women exists.” Ms. Mlambo Ngcuka told (Thomson Reuters foundation).

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