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Bloody event prevented in Kabul

Security officials in Maidan Wardak province say that the counter-terrorism command in the province prevented a scaremongering attack which was scheduled to be launched by a key member of the Haqqani network in Kabul.
According to (DID) news agency report, the suicide attacker was arrested by the police while he had gone to Kabul to visit the suicide area.
Ahmad Fahim Qaem, Maidan Wardak police chief said that the suicide attacker was a prominent member of Haqqani Network who had gone to Kabul two days ago. He was arrested by the police when returning back.
“The suicide bomber who is named Qari Ehsanullah, admitted in the first research that he was trained by Mawlawi Abdul Rahman to carry out suicide attacks in Jalrez district.” He added.

It is said that he was supposed to explode himself in an unknown place in Kabul.
It is noteworthy that a member of this group who was planning a suicide attack in Kabul, had been arrested by the police in Maidan Wardak.

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