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Contradictory Views; Have Gov’t-Taliban Delegations Agreed on Procedures?

After the Taliban group announced they have agreed on the entire procedures of the talks, the peace negotiation team of the Afghan government said that both sides have only agreed in principle to the 21-articles of the rules and procedures.

The government’s peace negotiation team said late Saturday in a statement that the negotiation teams of both sides have only agreed in principle to the 21 articles of the rules and procedures, with the exception of the preface because it requires further discussion and clarification.
“Therefore in the joint meeting on Nov 17, 2020 in the presence of the host country, it was decided that the rules and procedures will only be considered final once it is presented to the general meeting of both delegations and approved there,” the statement added.

The Taliban’s delegation, meanwhile, said that the entire procedure including the preface was completed and finalized by the agreement of both negotiating sides on the dates mentioned previously.
However, the government’s delegation team says that they have shared their understanding of the elements of the introduction with the other side.
The government and the Taliban delegations began the intra-Afghan talks since mid-September, but it seems that both sides still have difference over procedures of the negotiations.

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