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Daikundi; 300 Families Claim Taliban Threatened them with Forced Migration

At least 300 families in the Gizab district of Daikundi province are threatened by the Taliban members to leave their homes and lands within 9-working days, according to a video clip released on social media networks.

Elders in Gizab district of Daikundi province on Monday claimed that the Taliban threatened the residents to evacuate the area within 9 days.

Residents of Nawabad and Balasar Tagab villages of Gizab district protested against the Taliban’s ultimatum for forced migration.
“We have been using these lands for 40 years.” the residents say in the video clip.

According to them, local Taliban officials have warned that if the order is disregarded, all 300 families will face the consequences.
Meanwhile, Siddiq Ullah Abed, the Taliban’s police chief in Daikundi, told reporters that the news might not be true and that it was an “enemy propaganda”.
“If anyone or a group uses the name of the Taliban to do so, it will not be allowed by the Taliban,” he said.
The people of these areas are demanding a competent committee to investigate this issue.

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