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Dismissal by ARG’s ‘think tank’!

Nearly three years ago, Afghanistan witnessed holding a presidential election, which was accompanied with bitter adventures. Cheating debate and electoral violations got so high, that they were forced to get help from John Kerry – former U.S foreign minister – and urged him to end the riot and this way, the government claimers formed the so-called “national unity government” on the basis of a political agreement; a government which first, promised so much to the people and was committed to serving the nation!
From the very beginning, National unity government combination seemed questionable and inconsistent. Change and continuity led by Dr. M. Ashraf Ghani and reform and partnership team led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah that each shared the power by fifty peeercent and both sides signed the political agreement. At a glance, the agreement was a light for the government. Not to mention the fact that “holding up Loya Jirga, reforming the electoral system and distributing electronic ID cards” were the main part of the agreement, which is not executed yet.

On the other hand, the more the government moves forward the more it accompanied with problems and controversies. The heads of the government faced differences in some cases with each other and more strongly started to complain and criticize power-sharing and their realm of jurisdiction …
Reform and partnership team, which its representative was Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the government had no tangible achievements and As Mr. Abdullah was shining in makeup, but did not have such light in the political game with ARG. He represents his political team with weakness and appeasement and just by launching a large formation that several consultants were at every corner of [Sapidar] palace, was trying to keep his symbolic position and this made some of his closest friends to turn away from him and cut ties.

Moreover, differences in the way of governance passed a complex process and even followed political losses. Many had lost their both social status and governmental position in the scuffle.
In one case, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, first vice president expressed his opposition about the governance and power-sharing and mentioned a circle within ARG, who sought to remove others. However, Dostum had also missed the purpose and his mind did not work well as being a vice president too. He paid attention to Faryab and Jawzjan provinces, instead of focusing on his main responsibilities and pressed his inter-ethnic rivals. He repeatedly criticized the government and the president, until Ahmad Ishchi’s story was raised and shut the critique and aggressive mouth of the goat-puller (Chapandaz) general forever.
In another case, Ahmad Zia Massoud, special representative of the president for reform and good governance, who was once a close friend of the president in hardships, was dismissed from his position in an unbelievable way that even he himself and Dr. Abdullah did not know. Ousting him from the governmental structure was more oppressive than others. He gave a lot of credit to Mr. Ghani through Tajik ethnic and Massoud family, during the election campaign and made his way into ARG by using the same role and score. Ahmad Zia Massoud abandoned even his ethnic-political closest friends at that time and supported “the change and continuity team.” Today, if he is so unpopular and politically damaged, is the result of his decision, “as a sheep from the flock, it will feed the wolf.”

Now his dismissal has caused a lot of criticism and grins and many even blame him, and some backs him.
In all, days of the national unity government was not good for some that ARG had a “grave” face for them. A grave that they themselves went there.
It seems that many had thought the rules of the game in this government is simple and did not notice the complications and courageously stepped in the corridors of the power. But this is not the end … something else may be on the way!

Sayed Muhammad Zia Musawi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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