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Noor to Atmar and Stanekzai:

Do not disrupt Balkh, with plotting projects!

Balkh governor accused national security adviser Hanif Atmar and national security Chief Masoom Stanekzai of disrupting Balkh province.
According to (DID) news agency report, Ata M. Noor in a message to national security adviser Hanif Atmar and national security chief Masoom Stanekzai, said: “these two faces should give up planning “plotting projects” in Balkh province.
“By devising conspiratorial projects, do not disrupt Balkh, which has a semi-peace and security,” Mr. Noor wrote in his official facebook page.
Balkh governor takes the stance when the security forces arrested Asif Mohmand, former member of the provincial council last night.
It is said that gunmen belonged to Juma Khan Hamdard, close to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, tried to prevent Mohmand from being arrested, that two people were killed and two others wounded during clashes between the irresponsible gunmen and the security forces.
It should be noted that the detention of Mohmand was issued by the attorney general.

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