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Dozens of military operations launched to destroy scaremongers in north

Officials of the national army in the north of the country said: more than 70 different military operations has been launched to suppress armed oppositions in 9 north and northeast provinces of the country this year.
According to (DID) news agency report: in the current year, more than 70 joint military operations has been started in collaboration with other security organs, in 9 north and northeast provinces of the country, resulting heavy losses to the anti-government oppositions, General Mohmand Katawazai, commander of 209th Shaheen corp said.
“These operations executed within series of “Shafaq 95” operations which had good achievements for the country’s security forces” he added.
Mr. Katawazai considered operations of “Zafar 22” in Faryab, “Naweed 15” in Sari-Pul, “Pamir 1” in Kunduz and “Kukcha 8” in Badakhshan the most successful operations and said that operations of “Naweed 33” in Baghlan and “Pamir 6” in Takhar is ongoing, too.
It can be said that with the end of NATO mission in Afghanistan, security forces took full responsibility for security in the country and according to military officials in the north of the country, security forces has full preparations in terms of morale and combat training.

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