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Elections; Atmar’s Electoral Ticket Entered Race Under “Peace & Moderation”

Former national security adviser M. Hanif Atmar on Friday registered with IEC to run for upcoming presidential elections.

Former national security adviser M. Hanif Atmar on Friday registered with IEC to run for upcoming presidential elections.
Former Vice President Mohammad Yunus Qanooni is Atmar’s first Vice President and Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq is his second Vice President.

In addition, supporting the team (peace and moderation) are former President Hamid Karzai, former President Sibghatullah Mujaddedi, the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan led by Sayed Hamid Gailani, Jamiat-e-Islami’s senior members Ata Mohammad Noor and Ismael Khan, former Defense Minister Bismillah Khan, MP Sayed Ali Kazemi, Wahidullah Sabawoon, Jamil Karzai, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi among others.

So far, this is the first electoral ticket in which famous jihadist figures and technocrats are seen together.
“The revival of national trust and the consolidation of national unity, a just and lasting peace, nationwide security, good governance, providing justice, human rights and women’s rights, the fight against poverty and corruption as well as cooperation with the region and the international community, are among the plans of Peace and Moderation team,” said M. Hanif Atmar at a press conference.
“At the moment, Afghanistan faces four dangers and the current government not only does not try to eliminate these risks, but it has lost golden opportunities every day,” he added in another part of his speech.

According to him, the continuation of the imposed war on the people of Afghanistan, the international competition and the instability of the region, poverty, and deprivation, as well as the inability of the current government are among the dangers.
Hanif Atmar called on the government to respect the independence of the election commission while asking the commission and the government not to take a new plan every day.
Mohammad Yunus Qanooni also said at the conference that “the aim of the team is to restore national unity and confidence”.

The registration process for the presidential candidates will close on January 20.
So far, Abdul Latif Pedram, Hakim Torsan, Sayed Noorullah Jalili, Enayatullah Hafiz, Zalmay Rassoul, Noorulhaq Ulumi and Faramarz Tamanna have registered their team with the election commission.

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