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Etelaf-e Nejat vows its stance of backing Balkh governor

Coalition for the salvation of Afghanistan’s high council by publishing a statement, vowed its support from the coalition and stressed: “the government must end the process of destabilizing north of the country.”
“Considering country’s tough situation, we back the prestige Balkh governor and a senior member of the coalition’s leadership council Ustad Ata Mohammad Noor, and ask the competent authorities in the administration to end the process of destabilizing north of the country, particularly Balkh province.” The statement said.
The coalition also urged the government not to impair stability and security in these parts of the country [North].
The high council of the coalition for the salvation of Afghanistan in a statement released by the coalition’s leadership council, called to stop conspiracies against political figures, specially Ata Mohammad Noor, Balkh governor and the chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiate Islami of Afghanistan.
The statement said: the government must put an end to the conspiracies against the leaders of the council and the airport plot against Ata M. Noor, balkh governor and should prevent irresponsible gunmen.
The coalition for the salvation of Afghanistan’s leadership council also reacted and expressed concerns over what is the intentional destabilization of country’s north and Balkh province by some circles in the administration.
The coalition’s leadership council is deeply monitoring the security status in northern part of the country and the government should no longer try to make insecure Northern provinces.
A few days ago, a man named Asif Mohmand was arrested by Balkh police, but his detention was attributed to Ata M. Noor by some circles in Kabul; that according to experts, is frame-up to isolate political opponents of the governmen

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