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Freedom of speech, still under THREAT in Afghanistan

Yesterday, reporters without borders (RSF) vowed that freedom of speech is faced with many threats from states in the world, by publishing a report on the ranking of countries in terms of press freedom in 2107.
This organization declares that the status of freedom of speech has been (62.2 percent) worse in nearly 2/3 of the countries, Quoted from (VOA).
Norway is at top of the rankings, North Korea at the end of the index and the United States takes the 43rd position of the world, according to the report.

“Bold” efforts of Afghan journalists and their will to inform and the government’s readiness to establish mechanisms to protect the journalists, has made Afghanistan stay at its previous place. The report added.
“A number of provinces which are under the control of Taliban have changed into black holes where the journalists and media are not able to operate freely,” the organization said.
Despite the concerns and challenges, Afghanistan is among few countries where joint safety committee of journalists has been formed to coordinate urgent actions to protect the media and journalists, According to RSF.
Pakistan the other neighbor of Afghanistan, is in 139 pot. It is among the countries which are counted as the “world’s biggest prison” for journalists, according to RSF.

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