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Ghani Becomes President with Fake Ballot and Dollar

Rahmatullah Nabil, former head of National security Directorate of Afghanistan in a televised broadcast revealed the hidden layers of 1393 presidential election, saying one of the high-ranking official at the current administration had a counterfeit voting machine at his home – located in Wazir Akbar Khan – and was printing voting cards.

“One of the officials at the current government had a counterfeit voting machine in Wazir Akbar Khan. He is one of the top officials at the current government,” said Rahmatullah Nabil who was speaking at Tolo News’ Black and White program. But he did not complete the disclosure, and did not say who that top official is and which post he has.
The former chief of national security directorate further added that some candidates were distributing fake dollar banknotes during the presidential election.

He also revealed an agreement between Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani before the election campaign, saying the Commission on Transfer of Security Responsibilities was in fact, Ashraf Ghani’s campaign for 93 presidential election (solar year).
“Creating a post called the Commission on Transfer of Security Responsibilities was part of an agreement between Karzai and Ashraf Ghani; for the next election campaign of Mr. Ghani,” he claimed.

Mr. Nabil also added that he had informed president Karzai, national security council, and the national security adviser (Dr. Spanta) the issue of printing fake ballots, but no one paid attention.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is keen to call himself the elected president. The question is, does he have such interest after this?

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