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Ghani Welcomes New U.S Strategy

Afghan presidential palace welcomed the new U.S commitment on Afghanistan war, stresses that the national unity government tries to bring fundamental reforms and to counter corruption.
According to ARG’s statement, president Ghani welcomes U.S administration’s strategy in the Afghan war and read America as a key partner of the Afghan government and a lasting commitment.
President Ghani appreciates Trump and the Americans for backing Afghan government to achieve self-sufficiency and for jointly struggle in order to overcome terrorism and to save the region from the threats and dangers of this “sinister phenomenon.” The statement said.
“The new strategy will boost the capacity of resolute support mission in training, advising and assisting Afghan security and defense forces,” the statement added.
Meanwhile, the president underlined that Afghan government prioritizes its effort to bring fundamental reforms to win over administration corruption and the rule of law.
The U.S president Donald Trump also said that the safe heavens of scaremongers in Pakistan must be destroyed, because Washington cannot be silent against these shelters.
However, Taliban in response to the new American strategy, have said that as long as American troops are present in Afghanistan, they continue their war.

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