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Government Trying to Make North more Unsafe: Ata M. Noor

The chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami Ata M. Noor once again accused circles within Afghan government of pushing to make north unsafe.
“The people’s support from me indicates their pain from the government,” Mr. Noor said while speaking among Samangan people who gathered to express support from his stance.
“The government is trying to make northern Afghanistan more insecure,” Mr. Noor added, “we defended from our people and will do.”

Referring to slogans of the ruling team about unemployment during the election campaign, he said: “you promised to create jobs, but today all past jobs have been shut down. You have blocked the firms.”
“The UN delegation did not understand the country’s status well with the ceremonial message of ARG palace,” the chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiat addressed to the international community.

He once again warned the government that if the demands of Hezb-e Jamiat were not met, “we will change our approach and move on to civil movements and civil disobedience. We either go to the interim government or run early elections, or we will put an end to this rule.”
Balkh governor continued the election commission is under the control of the government and will hold the election according to the will of the government, not a transparent and free election.

The difference between Ata Mohammad Noor and ARG palace has become the most serious political issue in the country, going on to the brink of collapse of the government.

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