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Government is Weak and Incapable, Daesh gaining Ground: Ata M. Noor

The government is weak and incapable and political stability is not sustainable in the country, Ata M. Noor said among a group of people who came from Faryab to Mazar-e Sharif to declare their support from Mr. Noor.

A number of people from northern Faryab province went to Mazar-e Sharif to declare their support from Balkh governor’s stance.
“The Afghan government is weak and inefficient which it contributed to the expansion of Daesh terror group in the country,” Mr. Noor said, addressing among a group of Faryab residents who came to Mazar-e Sharif on Sunday.

Speaking about the administration corruption within governmental agencies, Mr Noor added: “the claim by the government that corruption decreased at governmental bodies is false, and that corruption has risen more than ever at the national unity government.

“I am Balkh governor and will be, unless negotiations between government and Jamiat-e Islami reach a persuading outcome,” Balkh governor stressed.

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