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Grand National Coalition Sets Ultimatum for Election, Peace

Specific issues were posed about the election and peace process in this resolution and two weeks have been set for the government as an ultimatum to declare its stance in this regard.

The Grand National Coalition (GNC) and political pro-movements issued a statement about election and peace process during a consultation meeting on Friday, giving the government two weeks to make the demands and suggestions of political movements operational.
Specific issues were posed about the election and peace process in this resolution and two weeks have been set for the government as an ultimatum to declare its stance in this regard.
The political coalitions warned that if the government does not give a positive response, they will sanction the election.

The full text of the statement
In the name of Allah
The joint stance of parties, political coalitions and national influential figures of Afghanistan in relation to holding election and peace process.
Afghanistan belongs to all the inhabitants of this historic land. therefore, the history of Afghanistan has been proof of the united resistance of all its inhabitants against the enemies of this territory. Throughout the history, the people of this great land unitedly stood against aggression and autocracy, and sacrificed their lives in defence of their Islamic and national values which the periods of jihad and resistance are the example of it. After 2001, and the formation of a new government, all ethnic groups living in this land joined together to form a public government and have sacrificed their lives to preserve the independence and the territorial integrity of the country so far.

The citizens of Afghanistan, who defended the values and freedom of this territory at the expense of their blood, deserve to have a democratic, serving, responsible, open to criticism and inclined to continuous reform establishment. Therefore, the parties, political movements, and national figures have always been pushing to make leaders of the state aware of their obligations in accordance with the constitutions. Unfortunately, not only the legitimate demands of the people were not taken into account – especially in the last four years – but also the laws and the constitution of Afghanistan were systematically violated, and even the provisions of the NUG’s treaty were not implemented. In the past years, the politics and measures of the government caused division among the people of Afghanistan. Spreading separation and enmity among the residents of this land has turned into a dominant policy within the system of NUG.

The collapse of the rule of law in important parts of the territory of Afghanistan over the past four years and the fall of vast areas by the armed opposition forces is another bitter and painful reality. Today, we can clearly say that our national unity is exposed to threat and destruction more than ever. Our constitution and legal system are losing grounds. Our sovereignty has been clearly questioned. The people of Afghanistan are deprived of making a decision about national and destiny-making processes such as peace and legal observation on elections. Preparations for holding the elections and forming electoral bodies have repeatedly been followed by violations of laws. Despite heavy spending, the voter registration process is full of manipulation and ambiguity and the grounds for an organized fraud have been provided, which all of these issues indicate that NUG leaders have no political will to hold a fair, free, transparent and inclusive election.

Holding a cross-country, fair and transparent elections:
We the members of the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan, the council for protection and stability of Afghanistan, and a number of influential national figures believe that a transparent, fair and through the election is a suitable way of electing the representatives of people and other public organs in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the manipulated and vague process of distributing fake national ID cards (Tazkiras) and voter registration process indicate that all sort of frauds and systematical engineering of the elections have already been planned in favor of the NUG leaders in the upcoming elections. Holding elections under such conditions is inevitably linked to pre-organized fraud. We point out to the heads of the NUG and the election commission to take the following measures within two weeks of the publication of this statement in order to clarify and ensure the health of the elections:
1. Announcing the biometric registration of voters and ensuring this by responsible bodies as well as implementing this process by competent technical authorities in the parliamentary and presidential elections;
2. Changing the electoral system in accordance with the scheme of parties, political movements and national figures of the country;
3. providing the grounds parties and civil institutions to observe all electoral processes;
If the government and the election commission do not take measure for the transparency of the election as a national process within the time given, the parties, political movements, and national figures of Afghanistan will have to resort to other options in order to protect the laws of the country and democracy as well as to prevent a corrupt and controversial election. in addition, we urge the International Community to support the demand of the people of Afghanistan, holding a fair, transparent, and thorough election in order to prevent any kind of organized frauds in the elections.

National Board for reconciliation:
Emphasizing on protecting the achievements of the past 18 years, we parties, political movements and national figures consider the inter-Afghan negotiations in cooperation with the International Community and regional countries as a suitable solution to end the war in the country.

In addition, we consider this as a major vacuum that a national public movement has not been emerged to achieve a just peace. Relying on the formation of major national consensus, we are ready for direct talks by establishing a “national board for reconciliation” which is consists of the representatives of parties, political coalitions, resistance zone, national council and the civil society. The plans of the board will be presented to the people of Afghanistan in the coming days. We call on the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to fully support the formation and plans of the “National Board for Reconciliation” as well as calling on the Afghan Taliban to accept the peaceful demand of the people of Afghanistan.

Friday 10 August 2018

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