How much is jurisdiction of country’s first lady?

Policy is not something very complicated. What makes this concept difficult is the interpretations that are offered. The position of policy is clear in the first world countries and the political behavior of politicians and political groups can be predicted, guessed and criticized based on theories; because policy in these countries, is taken from the sphere of private individuals and the institutions are the decision-makers not the people. In this time the person is not regarded as a major factor of decision making and “politic” is not the issue in the hands of people, so that an appropriate behavior is conducted that reflects a particular person’s thought, but in third countries of the world, politic has a wide sphere that covers all places and policy is something that sits on top of other concepts and decides.
Afghanistan is a part of those countries, where decisions about politics are not carried out in entities, but in hotels and private homes. Recent comments of the country’s first lady (Rula Ghani) on decision making about General Dostum, first vice president, that the second person of the country will be under house arrest, revels this issue that politic is also not implemented through institutions in Afghanistan and has private aspect.
Does Rula Ghani, president’s wife, has recently chosen as spokesperson for the president? Or has got a position in judicatory of Afghanistan, who comment in the media without any hindrance in such a way? In both cases, Rula Ghani does not have the position, who can speak this way about vice president and be considered as reference talks; because if she said something as the spokeswoman for president, the president alone has not the jurisdiction to make such a decision and if Rula Ghani mentioned something by the jurisdiction authorities of Afghanistan, again we must say that the attorney general is not the only decision-maker, because the legitimacy of vice president is like the president, has upper legitimacy and for prosecuting the vice president, other ways should be adopted that there is no opportunity in this debate and what is should be focused on is the comment of Rula Ghani that can follow very dangerous consequences in this turbulent political situation; because such statements about the influential people of the country (and … from that unofficial and non-governmental position) will also provoke other people to have sharp approach with such practices that these approaches disturb the order in the society and will confuse public opinion. The official status of the president’s wife is not defined in the constitution of Afghanistan, to give the right to her, to comment in such a sensitive case. Such behavior and statements of Rula Ghani has nothing but will follow negative results.
M. Taqi Hussaini – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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