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I break my promise: Dr. Abdullah

Yesterday (Thursday, May 16) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, country’s chief executive officer entered Herat province, in order to open the third domestic industries exhibition.
Hamidullah Khadem, chairman of Herat’s industrialist’s union considered holding such exhibitions effective, boosting country’s economy.
“Afghan goods and culture should be identified by launching such programs,” Mr. Khadem stressed.
Head of Herat’s industrialist’s union asked Dr. Abdullah that more attention should be paid on infrastructures of the industry.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Herat’s governor said that some circles have had interferences in the domestic industry which caused the backwardness of domestic industry.
On the other hand, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, country’s chief executive officer promised industrialists to support them as much as he can.
“A practical measure will be conducted solving industrial problems,” Mr. Abdullah said.
He urged Herat’s security officials to offer their proposal for better security of industry and investors.

Mr. Abdullah also pointed out that channels will be created in necessary areas to avoid wasting water.
In part of his speech, country’s chief executive officer said, “I confess that I had not fulfilled my promises given to the people of Herat.”
He earned the most votes from Herat province, compared to other provinces.

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