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In Taliban Regime, I could not Propose to the man I loved

Huda Khamosh says if the Taliban ruled the country, she would not be able to share her love on Facebook. “It is clear to everyone that when the Taliban had power, no woman can raise her voice or even leave the house, let alone trying to woo a man she loves,” she said.

Huda Khamosh, poet and a women’s rights activist

Some women’s rights activists in an interview with DID Press say that women’s voices have not been heard in the peace talks yet and that their role in this process is symbolic. They believe that the Taliban are not keeping their words and their views about women have not changed.
“The role of women is not prominent in the peace talks, and those few women in the negotiation team have a symbolic role, their voices are not being heard,” said Fazela Ghafoori, a woman’s rights activist. “Hoping that the Taliban’s views have changed about women, who believe their views have changed? when did they stick to what they said?” she added.

Fazela Ghafoori, a woman’s rights activist

Huda Khamosh, a poet and a women’s rights activist, says that more than five months have passed since the start of inter-Afghan talks in Doha, but there has been no serious discussion about women’s rights yet.
“Every voice that has been raised from the address of women in the Doha talks has been silenced,” she told DID Press in an interview. “We haven’t seen a change in Taliban’s views yet, they will never accept women to be themselves and continue their ways. Taliban try to take women back to the dark era as in the past which is never possible,” she said.

Somaya Elhami, a law and political science student,

Huda Khamosh, who proposed to her favorite man by posting a letter on her Facebook page a few months ago, and now she is engaged to the same man, says that she cannot go to her father’s house in Baghlan province at the moment, fearing the Taliban.
According to her, if the Taliban had the power, she would not be able to share her love on Facebook.

Somaya Elhami, a law, and political science student, also says that the Taliban have not changed, but the Afghan women’s views have changed and they cannot apply their interpretation of Islamic law on women.
“The Taliban’s view of women has not changed, they are the same as they were 20 years ago, but the view of Afghan women has changed and they cannot silence the voice of women,” she added.


Zameer Mohib – DID Press Agency

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