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Iran, Turkey, China Back Pakistan to Restore Peace in Afghanistan: Pakistani Minister

Pakistani foreign minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Wednesday said that China, Iran and Turkey support Pakistan’s stance regarding Afghanistan issue.
Speaking at Geo News Program, Muhammad Asif said that China, Iran and Turkey have acknowledged Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terrorism and assured their full support to Pakistan for its stance of politically-negotiated settlement of Afghan conflict instead of increasing troops deployment to Afghanistan. Quoted from News International.
“These three nations agreed that there is no military solution to the problems in Afghanistan as it should be resolved politically, Mr. Asif said.
“All countries desire peace in Afghanistan, and ready to help for the stability in the country which links to the peace in the region,” he added.
Muhammad Asif in his visit to Tehran on Monday, said the US forces had failed to restore peace in Afghanistan and stressed on a politically-negotiated solution to the conflict.
Meanwhile, during his recent visit to China, Khawaja Asif has reiterated support for China’s offer to host the first trilateral meeting of Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan later this year, focusing on strategic communication, practical cooperation and security dialogue.

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