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Ishchi Case; ARG’s Pressure Gear to Curb Dostum!

In the world of politics, every phenomenon and event can be used to manipulate cases in our favor, putting the rival or opponent in trouble. Now, the Afghan government which is in a bottleneck situation is testing the pressure cards against general Dostum to drag him to ARG (presidential palace), one after the other.
As tension escalates between president Ghani and the first vice president, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, general Dostum’s accusation of sexual abuse against Ahmad Ishchi, a prominent member of Hezb-e Junbish turned to an excuse for ARG to put Mr. Dostum under pressure and make him compromise with Mr. Ghani’s agendas.

In the past one year, the government could somehow isolate him and even force him to self-wanted exile to Turkey, using Gen. Dostum’s ill-treatment case with Ahmad Ishchi.
However, during this time, there was enough time for this illegal political file to be resolved and the career of the first vice-president would be determined; something that it seems ARG’s circle is reluctant to do so.
The question is why this file was not resolved in the past year, while the Afghan government has pledged to the international community to prosecute and punish those convicted by the court.
It seems that ARG follows the so-called “fishing out of muddy water” politics in the country and does not easily set aside Ishchi’s file.

Now that Mr. Dostum has entered a new political phase and wants to compensate the government’s unkindness over the past two years, but ARG to raise the Ishchi’s case once again to press General Dostum to withdraw from “Etilaf-e Nejat” (salvation coalition) in this way.
There are reports that General Dostum has responded negatively to the presidency’s request to leave the coalition and ARG has also provoked the case of sexual abuse with Ishchi after receiving a negative reply from Dostum.
The government vowed a few days ago that it ordered the judicial organs to seriously pursue Ishchi’s file and “put” and end with it.
Resolving the case that government talks about, is undoubtedly putting general Dostum under pressure to continue the previous efforts of the president’s team to sabotage Etilaf-e Nejat.

Although General Dostum does not have a Jihadi background, it is the faces that West looks at it and they are not interested in their presence in power.
The presence of Dostum in power was not acceptable from Western countries and internal bureaucrats, even if Ishchi’s file does not exist and would isolate him under any reason.
Now the case of Ahmad Ishchi is being used as a leverage against Dostum to put General at a dilemma, using that and therefore, force one of the arrogant opponents of ARG to slowly and inexpensively accept the presidential palace’s demands.
The government has opened large accounts on Ishchi’s case and wants to continue its way, putting aside Dostum and along with that the Etilaf-e Nejat, but getting out successful from this challenge depends on the political wisdom of Etilaf-e Nejat (salvation coalition) heads to curb the plot and make the challenge to a chance.

However, Dostum has a sensitive position; a situation that will be a big challenge for him if not managed well; despite, giving all the qualifications to the first vice-president and accepting all of his demands, ARG will not be a safe house for him anymore and it may have seen another dream for him. On the other hand, it seems that Mr. Dostum will benefit more, to be loyal to his commitments made to his allies in Ankara; because his future is guaranteed as well as it gathered good comrades for him.
Although, General Dostum’s file is being solved, ARG has just considered this leverage effective by giving points to this disillusioned and detached cylinder from the establishment, accepting him once again and force Ishchi to be silent too.

Zaher Shokoohmand – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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