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ISIL to Get Strength in North with Absence of Ata M. Noor: Dostum

The Afghan first vice president and a prominent member of the National Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan Gen. Dostum declared support from Mr. Noor, regarding his removal as Balkh governor, saying “with the absence of Ata M. Noor in Balkh, Daesh terror group will get strength in northern provinces of the country.”

General Dostum, who spoke through a telephone at a cultural meeting of the Turkish Trade Union Federation in Brussels, said: “ousting Ata M. Noor as Balkh governor, is not in the interest of Afghan people.”

Meanwhile, Ata M. Noor in one of his rhetoric among his fans said: “I stay as Balkh governor until the failure of Taliban and ISIL project.”

According to political analysts, there are special circles within ARG palace that are trying to transfer Daesh to the north of the country and Ata M. Noor as a barrier should be removed.

It is noteworthy, ARG palace vowed on 18 December that president Ashraf Ghani confirmed “Ata M. Noor’s resignation as Balkh governor.” Mr. Noor strongly rejected the resignation, adding, “He will answer coercion with force.”

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