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ISIL Recruiting in North of Afghanistan: Jawzjan Governor

According to reports, Daesh terror group is recruiting in Qush Tapa and Darzab districts of Jawzjan province.
“Daesh group has a complete control over Qush Tapa and Darzab districts,” Jawzjan’s governor Lutfullah Azizi told DID press agency.
Mr. Azizi emphasized, there are more than 500 Daesh terrorist fighters in the two districts, and many of whom are foreign citizens.
“About 3,000 families were displaced as a result of ISIL presence in the mentioned districts,” Mr Azizi added.

He underlined that clashes will escalate in the coming winter season.
“Daesh group besides recruiting, are educating children fundamentalism and prepare them for the suicide attack,” Jawzjan’s governor continued.

Earlier, the independent human rights commission declared in Kabul that poverty and unemployment are the two main factors that cause a violation of the human rights and the war in Afghanistan, and terrorist groups are recruiting from unemployment youths.

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