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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombing on Memorial service in Badakhshan

The Islamic State  terror group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on a memorial service in northeast Afghanistan that killed at least 18 people and wounded 30 others.

In a statement late Friday, the ISIS regional affiliate — known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province — said the attacker targeted the service near Nabawi Mosque in the city of Faizabad in Badakhshan province on Thursday.

The militant group’s statement gave higher casualty figures than those provided by the Islamic Emirate, claiming that at least 20 senior Taliban officials died and 50 others were injured.
The memorial service was being held for Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Badakhshan killed in a car bombing on Tuesday in Faizabad. That attack, which killed the deputy governor’s driver and wounded 10 others, was also claimed by the ISIS.

A former Taliban police official Mawlawi Safiullah was among those killed in the memorial service explosion, said the Taliban interior ministry spokesman, Abdul Nafi Takor.

Last December, a car bombing killed Badakhshan’s provincial police chief as he was on his way to work.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

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