ISIS recruiting soldier in Sari – Pul province

Daesh terrorist group is recruiting soldier in Sari-Pul province, Zabihullah Amani, spokesman of Sari-Pul governor told media.
According to (DID) news agency report, spokesman of Sari-Pul governor says, despite the province is faced with emerging security threat, but no military operations have been launched to suppress this group in this province, during the past 16 months.

He also warns that if the government does not take measure to suppress terror groups, Sari-Pul status will become worse, next spring.
“Sari-Pul official had repeatedly requested from the central government to launch military operations, but the central government has not taken any actions,” he added.
Sari-Pul is among insecure provinces of the country that rebel groups are present in at least four districts; the issue has also followed concerns of this province citizens.

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