ISIS warns US, Russia, Arabia

Daesh (ISIS) spokesperson attacked verbally the United States and Trump that the aim is considered the endeavor to re-deploy fighters of this group.
Abul-Hasan Al-Muhajir, spokesman of Daesh, by releasing a 37 minutes message of Islamic State in Telegram and other social media, says that “America is sinking and no one can save it.”
“You are broke and signs of your death are appeared to eyes of every one and this is a reality that you are led by an idiot person, who do not know what are Syria, Iraq and Islam.” He added.
The message that named “wait surely the promise of Allah is certain,” is the first message of Al-Muhajir since last December.
He asked from the fans of that group to target their enemies, where ever they are, and “turn the earth into fire under their feet.”
However, the militants of the group called Islamic state (Daesh) have lost many parts of Mosul, which is called as the capital of the caliphate.
ISIS spokesman also addresses the supporters of this group in West and other places to carry out more attacks.

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