It is Surprising that Russia accused of backing Taliban: Russia

The Russian embassy in Kabul reacted to recent statements of president Ghani and a number of Parliament members (MPs), that Kremlin is conducting military support to Taliban and noted that any arms and financial support to this group is “Baseless.”
According to (DID) news agency report, yesterday, the Russian embassy in Kabul, by publishing a newsletter, said that “it is surprising that public figures, MPs and senior police officials are accusing Russia of backing Taliban [in Afghanistan].”
It is noteworthy that president Ghani has recently charged some countries on supporting Taliban, and said, “Any country, which supports the enemy’s enemy, in fact, that country has made a mistake.”
But Russian authorities in Afghanistan, have repeatedly declared that “relations with Taliban is just for securing its citizen’s lives in Afghanistan and undermining Daesh (ISIS) in the country.”

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