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Kabuli girls in mini-skirts and Trump’s strategic look

Kabuli girls in mini-skirt in the 70s that encouraged Trump to stay in Afghanistan

It is interesting to know that when the white-and-black photo of Kabuli girls in mini-skirts, can change Trump’s strategy, we should accept that everything is possible in the world of politics!
Sputnik news agency wrote: Trump ordered the recommit of American troops in Afghanistan by seeing girls in mini-skirt in Kabul in the 70s.
Trump’s security adviser H. R. McMaster has said: “we demonstrated the black-and-white photo of Kabuli girls in mini-skirt to Trump that belonged to 1972, in order to help persuade him that Western norms, which have been very prevalent in Kabul, are once again reversible.”

The point to be contemplated is that ‘where are the position of fine cultural and civic manifestations of Afghan people over the past four decades?’
Do our country’s politicians know anything called “Eastern values?”

If Trump is so impressed by seeing the black-and-white Kabuli girls in mini-skirt in the seventies that even it leads to the recommit of his strategy in Afghanistan. Do our leaders and politicians have the same feelings U.S president demonstrated? Did not they ponder that why these much cultural differences have emerged in our small community and closed cities? Every immigrant who returned back from any country, caries the culture and traditions of that country. From burqa to Arabic black veils and Iranian hijab to Pakistani and even western clothes, are a story of our cultural turmoil.
The clear message of this brief news is due to the prosperity of “western norms” not in a “first world” country but in a “tenth world” hell country like Afghanistan. It expresses the reality that among western leaders, no values are higher than ‘western values;’ that is why Trump ignores all of his mainstream economic policies in the context of Afghan war and exchange “western values” with the heavy annual expense of war which is over $ 30 billion.

It is noteworthy that Trump made his decision on Afghanistan, on 22 August 2017. Although he vowed that his new administration’s approach in Afghanistan, is to prevent Afghanistan to become a safe haven for radical groups to attack the U.S.A; in fact, beside his main goals, preserving western values in Afghanistan are important as well. Therefore, Trump’s flagrant message in the frame of a black-and-white photo of Kabuli girls in mini-skirt, for Afghan people is that we are looking for a revival of western values and civilizations without paying attention to your cultural and native norms. Therefore, it is expected that in addition to 8,400 military forces based in Afghanistan, 4000 other forces will be added in Afghanistan.

Dr. Fazayili – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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