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Karzai and Hekmatyar, the options for HPC

The Peace process as a serious social need and a religious emphasize mostly considering by the community and the previous political governments and they by following the public opinion , creating the High Peace Council was among their political priorities and agenda-oriented.
The public opinion is waiting to know who will replace after the death of Pir Sayed Ahmad Gilani? Some believe that two major political figures can fill this vacant position. Hamid Karzai, former president and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar are going to chair the council. In this regard, several points should be mentioned.
I. Hamid Karzai, one of the founders of the new system of Afghanistan with more than a decade governing, have emerged to display popular in Afghanistan political and social environment.

II. In order to achieve the peace and consolidation of national sovereignty, he did all of his efforts’ even the loss of his brother. Still addressed “Brother” to the Taliban and by doing this involving all the streams and the parties as “Afghan” sovereignty in their partner. As a result, Karzai as a national figure, with his charismatic performances could, gather Afghanistan’s tense and fragmented society around an axis. On the other side, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leaders of jihad is well-known for decades and in the body politic of the country, had positions. He was the recognized leader in the resistance during the jihad of our vital national interests over personal rivalries and joined his group preferred and resistance lines.
Hekmatyar, after the restoration of democracy, he stood up against the government and opposed the science. With the arrival of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the peace process, as an influential jihadi leader and one of the major parties to the conflict and his presence in the peace process causes, in the one hand to end the crisis and generate peace and harmony for the society and on the other hand consolidate the political basis and makes accusations of inefficiency expiration of the High Peace Council.

However, the peace process is the priorities of the president of Afghanistan and selecting the Hekmatyar can decrease the opposition against the government and also it encourage the insurgents to join the peace process.

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