Linking Islam with terrorism is false judgment: Hanif Atmar

Country’s security adviser, Hanif Atmar, on Monday in the Asian security conference in (New Delhi) said: due to the pain and suffering of Muslim drawn from the terrorism and to defeat this phenomenon endured great sacrifices, so associating Islam with terrorism is a false judgment.
“South Asian region, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan had the “highest concentration of organized terrorists than anywhere in the world,” he added.
Mr. Atmar stated that Afghanistan has lost more than 10 thousands people over the past 14 months which is on average 28 people died each day.
He told the participants of this conference that it is not appropriate to link terrorism with Islam, because it fails to understand the sacrifices that the Muslims are making in order to defeat terrorism, and the suffering that the Muslims have had at the hands of the terrorists.
India’s defense minister, Manohar Parrikar said that a global response to counter terrorism must come from Asia, because people in these areas have mostly affected by terrorism.

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