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Moscow Conference’s Joint Declaration on Peace

all parties in this conference have agreed that achieving a dignified and lasting peace is the aspiration of all the people of Afghanistan.

We – the participants of the intra-Afghan conference held on 5-6 February 2019 which was organized by the Afghan society residing in Moscow – appreciate and confirm this important measure as it is considered as a major step towards intra-Afghan dialogue.

To achieve a lasting and nationwide peace in our beloved country, the restoration of complete national sovereignty, paving the ground for the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, the consolidation of national unity, providing the conditions for the participation of all Afghan people in the political life to ensure social justice, obeying the principles of Islam religion and national values, preventing the repetition of bitter incidents in the past decades and deepening mutual understanding and respect among Afghans, have agreed on the following issues after marathon discussions.

First: all parties in this conference have agreed that achieving a dignified and lasting peace is the aspiration of all the people of Afghanistan and this principle has been achieved in Moscow;
Second: all parties agreed that in view of the current sensitive situation, the intra-Afghan dialogue must continue on regular basis;
Third: all parties agreed to support the ongoing talks in Qatar and consider these talks a positive step towards ending the imposed war on Afghanistan;
Fourth: all parties agreed to implement necessary reforms, maintaining and strengthening fundamental institutions, including the security sector that are the property of all Afghans, after a peace deal is signed;
Fifth: all parties agreed that the cooperation and support of regional and major countries are essential to determine lasting and nationwide peace in Afghanistan;

Sixth: all parties accentuate on the following values and general principles:
Following the principles of Islam in all parts of the system; the principle that Afghanistan is a common home to all Afghans; support to a powerful centralized government with all Afghan ethnicities having a role within it; protecting national sovereignty and promoting social justice; keeping Afghanistan neutral in all regional and international conflicts; protecting Afghanistan’s national and religious values and undertaking a unified and single policy.

Seventh: all parties in regard to peace and the next measures accentuate on the following issues:
The complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country; asking all countries to avoid interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs; to assure the international community that Afghanistan’s territory will not be used as a threat to them; protecting social, economic, political and educational rights of the Afghan women in line with Islamic principles; protecting the political and social rights of the entire people of Afghanistan and protection of freedom of speech in line with Islamic principles; insisting on efforts to achieve national and international commitments for lasting peace in Afghanistan; undertaking efforts for attracting international assistance for the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s infrastructures.

Eighth: all parties agreed that in order to create the atmosphere of trust, in the first step, the following issues should be taken into consideration, the release of all those inmates who are old or suffering incurable diseases or have completed their prison sentences and the removal of leaders of the Taliban from the UN blacklist, opening an official political office in Qatar for acceleration of peace talks.
Ninth: all parties agreed that the next intra-Afghan dialogue will be held in Doha, Qatar as soon as possible. In addition, an agreement was also made to work further on some other important issues related to the peace process in Afghanistan.
6 February 2019

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