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Mosul Liberated: Haidar ul-Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar ul-Ababadi vowed that Mosul has been completely cleared of Daesh (ISIS) militias.

Mr. Abadi has arrived in Mosul to congratulate victory with the Iraqi army and the people on recapturing the city, according to BBC.
The Victory is certain, and what remains of [IS] is surrounded, and it is just a matter of time for us to announce the great victory to our people,” Mr. Abadi said.
Meanwhile, there were celebrations in the streets during Mr. Abadi’s visit but he has not yet given a speech formally declaring triumph.

The battle of Mosul began to erupt Daesh 9 months ago, and the Iraqi government forces were cleaning up the last ISIS/ISIL resistance cells in Mosul in the past few days.

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