Mujahidin achieve lost property back: Sayyaf

Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, read corruption the most dangerous enemy of the system, on the anniversary of Soviet red army withdrawal from Afghanistan and asked the president not to let this phenomenon collapse the government.
According to (DID) news agency report, Mr. Sayyaf who was talking on the celebration of the February 14th (Dalwe 26th) in the presidential palace, said: nobody can bring the system to its knees from outside, whatever plotters are behind it. We afraid of the thing, not to eat the system from the inside like a termite.
“Wherever, the establishment inverted down, it is done by the termites that ate the government from the inside,” Mr. Sayyaf added.
He said, addressing president Ghani, in this regard to eject the moral, financial and office corruption, we demand your serious consideration fighting corruption and prostitution.
Mr. Sayyaf continued: corruption reached its peak that God forbid, we do not stand on subdued and wrath-taken nations’ destiny.
“Although freedom of speech is good, but the principles of religion must not be trampled,” the Jihadi leader stressed.
While stressing to fight immorality and prostitution, “the nation cannot accept this excuse, that we do not have control on most televisions. At least start from the official national television”. He said.
Sayyaf also demanded from the government leaders, not to be silent against those people and circles that are insulting and dishonoring Mujahidin.
“To disrespect Mujahidin is disrespecting to the religion and honor of these people” he said.” Do not let some to foul this obligation by their filthy tongue”.
“Mujahidin took back the lost territory. If you do not tell their goodness, at least do not tell them bad. Mujahidin are the jewel of this land” Mr. Sayyaf added.
It can be said that Mr. Sayyaf is one of the Jihadi leaders that at the time of the Soviet Union invasion, that was raised as one of Jihad leaders against Russian and has a practical role.

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