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Mullah Baradar Taken his Newly Furnished Home in Qatar and hosting “The Engineer”

The proxy peace in Afghanistan is not only about implementing the proxy setup but also looting the mineral wealth of Afghanistan. Under the pretext of post peace economic recovery of Afghanistan, the Pakistan military, Qataris, along with other major players are preparing their plans to loot Afghanistan.

In an agreement with Mawlawi Yaqoob and Sirajuddin Haqqani, the two Taliban deputies will split the money, Sirajuddin Haqqani has sent his close confidante to Mullah Baradar by the name of Zabihullah aka “The Engineer” for consultations with the Qatari group of companies by the name of Al Atiyyah foundation to negotiate their business deals which will bolster future Taliban finances.

Zabihullah, known as “The Engineer”, has held meetings with Al Atiyyah foundation in Doha. The meetings were arranged by Baradar, Anas Haqqani and Mohammad Nabi Omari.
Mullah Baradar, who received his newly furnished home in Gharaffa region in Qatar, is currently hosting Zabihullah in his spacious accommodations. Moreover, he has arranged a generous salary for Zabihullah and the use of office space in the Taliban political office in Doha.

As per a reliable source, approximately a million dollar has been given to Mullah Baradar by the Qataris to show their gratitude for Baradar’s facilitation to this plan. Anas Haqqani also received a gift, a 2020 model Toyota Land Cruiser.
Mohammad Nabi Omari, the former Guantanamo bay prisoner and a close aide of the Haqqanis in Qatar, has also been given furnished luxurious house as a gift by the Qataris.

US Envoy Khalilzad, along with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) CEO Adam Boehler, has already held meetings with the Taliban in Doha supported by the Qataris Sovereign Wealth Funds. Zalmay Khalilzad is also lobbying for himself and his share of the prospective business deals.
Theses concessions given to Qatar by Pakistan, Taliban and Americans are a reward for their hosting and facilitation of the Taliban office and peace talks. They call it mutually supportive post-peace economic development of Afghanistan which is actually looting of Afghanistan by a small clique with corrupt and nefarious motives.

This new geo-economic scenario will further exacerbate an already volatile regional complexity, especially since Qatar is acting against regional harmony and continues to seek proxy groups to assist them in further influencing the region.


Rahmatullah Nabil

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