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National and International Reactions to Bloody Kabul and Ghore Attacks

A number of internal and foreign officials condemned the bloody evenings of Kabul and Ghore provinces.
Internal reactions about the bloody suicide attacks in Kabul and Ghore provinces are different. It includes two spectrum governmental and critics of the government.

Balkh governor, chief executive of Jamiat Islami, and a senior member of the National Rescue Coalition Ata M. Noor reacted to the attacks, reading the government incompetence and once again called for a change in country’s security strategy: “when the government administrators even fails to provide the security of mosques and worship –sites, I do not know how the concept of governance should be interpreted. Without changing and reviewing the security strategies and bringing professional reforms, every day, the people pay for the failed policies of some government entities.”
Besides, the second deputy to the executive directorate and another senior member of the Rescue Coalition Mohammad Mohaqiq condemned Friday bloody attacks, saying there should not be any difference among terror groups.
Mr. Mohaqiq urged the international community and regional countries to be serious combating terrorism.

On the other hand, ARG presidential palace read the attacks as “crime against humanity” in a statement, saying that killing civilians anywhere in the world is an inhuman act.
“Soon, terrorist groups will be destroyed by Afghan security forces,” ARG added.
The chief executive directorate also sharply condemned Friday attacks, said: “terrorists deserve no peace and mercy. They must be destroyed.
“Those who killed worshippers in Kabul and Ghore mosques, deserve no peace nor mercy; those are cruel killers that must be destroyed,” said Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of the government.

The second vice president Sarwar Danish said in a statement the enemies of Afghan people do not know any religion and sects and continue their ferocious attacks.
Mr. Danish called on the people to unity and sympathy, adding to pay attention about terrorists’ plots.
National Security Council condemned the bloody incident in Kabul and Ghore provinces in a message, considering it a sign of terrorists’ abjection.
National security adviser Hanif Atmar has said in the message the government and Afghan people are determined to destroy these terror groups.

Meanwhile, the national assembly of the Afghan people also condemned the recent events in Kabul and Ghore provinces in a statement and expressed their condolences to the families of the victims.
The assembly warned about the harmful consequences of the government and international community’s ignorance on mosques and religious places, saying terrorists are trying to change Afghanistan like Iraq and Syria.
“Undoubtedly, the hired killers loyal to foreign agencies want to create national division in the country, breaking up conflicts among the people, but they have forgotten that the people of this land know well that internal and international criminals want to put Afghanistan in crisis and fall, making the destiny of this territory bloody like Iraq and Syria.” The assembly’s statement read.

On the other hand, a number of regional countries and the UN condemned the Friday assaults in Kabul and Ghore provinces, reading terrorism as the enemy of humanity.
The United Nations condemned the recent terror attacks in Afghanistan, calling for the detention of the agents, ending violence, and the beginning of dialogue in the country.
“The perpetrators of these events should be brought to justice. Violence must end and dialogue should begin,” said the UN’s secretary general.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasimi expressed condolence to the Afghan nation and government, adding terror groups seek sectarian differences by conducting such attacks.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran will stand beside the Afghan nation and government till the end of violence, crimes, assassination, and insecurity,” Mr. Ghasimi said.

Turkish foreign ministry has also condemned the recent attack on mosques in Kabul and Ghore provinces in a statement.
“Attacking holy sites and civil areas is a despicable act. We hope urgent recovery for the injured people and express our deep condolences to our friend government and Afghan people,” the Turkish foreign ministry statement said.

The bloody Friday attacks on Mosques in Ghore and Kabul provinces killed and wounded at least 120 people. Daesh claimed the responsibility.

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