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National Resistance Council Urges Turkey to Consider Collective will of Afghan people in Diplomatic Relations

DID Press: On the 102nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan-Turkey, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan (NRC Afghanistan) called on Ankara to consider the collective will of the people of Afghanistan in diplomatic relations.

“The friendship between the two countries is sincere, long-standing, and based on mutual respect,” said NRC in a statement published on Wednesday, coinciding with the 102nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
“Today coincides with the 102nd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Turkey, which was signed on March 1, 1921, between the diplomatic representatives of the two countries. Following more than a century, these relations have been solid, consistent, and steady, with a reminder that the friendship bond between the people of both countries goes back to centuries and its strength is based on distant historical relations,” read the statement.

The statement urged Turkey to pay attention to the will of the people of Afghanistan in its diplomatic relations.
Diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Turkey began during the era of Amanullah Khan.
The Afghan consulate in Istanbul has reportedly been handed over to the representative of the Taliban. Turkey, however, has not confirmed it.

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