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National unity government, heading toward fall?

Now that political, security and economy status of the country is passing tough days, the minds of many obsessed with this question that what will be the end of this ship in blood, the national unity government? Asking this question was posed, when the current government failed to accurately and legally fulfill its main obligations and responsibilities and the crisis afflicting the government.
Considering the current situation of the government can roughly help to give an answer to the question. A condition which is exacerbating every day and often take victims from the innocent people and the security forces. Right now, there is war in many provinces of Afghanistan and dozens of districts are under the control of armed insurgents. Criminal groups are active in many parts of the country and take ransom from the people.

On the other hand, differences within the government have also reached its peak more than ever and each intends to destroy the other or the one who called the Horn sat bin.
Disputes within the government is so high that some departments are headed by acting officials and even in some cases, positions remained up in the air (such as; first vice president position)
Conflicts and controversies within the government are so clear that the president and first VP have separated from each other and see the nightmares of each other at nights. Gen. Dostum is spending his winter life these days, and is trying to tear the spider’s web which has been twisted around him.
Ahmad Zia Massoud who was called as the “fourth side” of power square in Afghanistan, during the hot election campaign of president Ghani, is extremely upset once removed by the president and even he is seeking to form a “provisional government,” something that he himself said.
Hamid Karzai, ex-president of the country also seeks to overthrow this weak foundation since long time onward. Once upon a time, he who did not even drink water, without the permission of his Western supporters, his fever of power desire has unsteadily raised and often appears under the pretext of backing the Taliban or not recognizing the Durand line. On the other hand, Karzai’s political shifting from the U.S to Russia is also a controversial issue that has followed complains in a social-political climate of Afghanistan; as he seeks to recover his former position in the country by appealing to Russia and a number of regional countries.

On the other hand, some heavy and deadly events from Kabul to Balkh has recently increased people’s discontent from the governance process and some political groups accuse the government of weakness and put pressure on it due to the concerned situation. Some political parties also consider the current status cumbersome and difficult for the people. Cultural-civil institutions have expressed their dissatisfaction by protesting around the country too.
It is seen that the current government has neither public support nor a foreign solid pillar and it is such a foundation which is on the way of a repetitive flood, and its collapse is a likely case. But neither the people is able to stand up nor Western supporters easily create a new government, therefore, it seems that national unity government will continue its half-life career path, to see that it itself dies or a fatal blow will halt it!

Farhad Ahmadi – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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