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NATO Doubts Success of Afghan Peace process

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says there is no guarantee that the Afghan peace process will succeed.
“Whatever we decide, there is a risk. If we decide to leave, the risk is that we will lose the gains we have made in fighting international terrorism to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven,” said NATO Secretary General in an interview with dpa international on NATO mission in Afghanistan. “If we stay, of course there is the risk that we will see increased fighting, violence, and that we will remain engaged in a long-term military conflict in Afghanistan,” he added.

The Secretary General underlined that there is no guarantee of success for the peace process and the ongoing Doha talks is the only way for peace in Afghanistan.
“It’s a fragile peace process. There is no guarantee of success. But the ongoing talks in in Doha between the Afghan government and Taliban is the only path to peace, and NATO strongly support those efforts,” Mr Stoltenberg said.

According to him, NATO will have another meeting in February with the new Biden administration and then they will make their decisions on Afghanistan.

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